Fences are essential for any rental property. Even residents place a lot of importance on the fence that you have installed in your rental property.

You need to put a fence that will provide security, keep children close to their home, and allow the renters to have their privacy while in their homes. When you are looking for a fence to put in your rental property, you need to consider its cost, functionality, and appeal.

There are various fencing options that you can use if you have rental property. If you have a great property, but you fail to fence it well, you may be putting your residents at risk for accidents or even break-ins. This may cause you to lose residents once security issues start.

Also, remember the type of fence you install also increases the value of your property. This is why you need to spend time doing intense research on some of the best fence options for rental property.Below are some tips to help you choose your ideal fence option.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences have been here since time immemorial. They are common in many households. This is because wood is readily available.

If you are looking for versatility, you should consider wood fences. There are several painting styles, colorations, and staining treatments that can be used with wood. Besides, they are very easy to customize.

This means that you can be able to choose something that will match your home and garden without any problem. However, the downside of wood fencing is that you are required to do regular maintenance to maintain the appearance of the wood and make it last longer.

Also, wood is easily affected by parasites and weather. The only way for you to protect wooden fencing is to regularly ask a professional to do some wood treatment, which involves applying sealants and preservative coatings.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Unlike wood fencing, a wrought iron fence is strong and requires little maintenance,. It is durable yet beautiful, and if you want to avoid calling professionals to treat your fence, you should consider it.

The strength of iron makes it ideal for a secure fence because it cannot be easily broken into. It can also be molded to create elegant styles that are appealing too. As the wrought iron ages, it may develop a patina due to the oxidation that takes place.

If you find this appealing, then wrought iron is the option for you. If this isn’t what you like, you can ask a professional to restore the iron by doing treatments.

As much as wrought iron is durable and appealing, understand that it can easily rust in a wet climate. Also, it is the most expensive fencing option available.

Chain Link Fencing

This is a very simple and economical form of fencing. It is ideal for large spaces and but should be avoided if you have residents with pets.

If your target customers are families with pets, then this is not something you should consider installing for them. The reason for this is because it may be easy for another dog to get into your rental property.

It may even allow the residents’ pets to escape the yard, something that may cause a lot of problems.  If your residents have pets, then you should consider vinyl or wood fence since they are climb proof and will provide a secure environment for the pets.

Chain link fencing may not be the best option for residents who want to have their protection and confidentiality.

 Vinyl Fencing

If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to maintenance, the vinyl fence should be in your top list. Vinyl is a human-made material that can be used for fencing. It doesn’t rot or crack.

The synthetic material used to make the vinyl fence is inexpensive, contrary to other fencing options. This makes it affordable for any person who wants to use it for fencing. Vinyl fences are also easy to install because they consist of lightweight pieces that you can easily combine.

Note that vinyl is also not easily damaged, meaning that you don’t need to do regular maintenance. Regular maintenance means that you will have to spend money every single time a repair is done.

Vinyl can also withstand constant exposure to moisture in the air without getting damaged in any way. The only maintenance issue that you are likely to face with vinyl is the discoloration.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem because you can always solve this by repainting the fence. The other major problem is that vinyl is not very strong and hence, can collapse during harsh impact. Keep this in mind if you choose the vinyl fence.

Bottom Line

When it comes to rental property, there are a lot of fencing options. You only need to identify them, look at their pros and cons before determining which option fits you. Ensure you do your research thoroughly.

The following article was provided by Los Angeles Fence Builders, a fence contractor servicing Los Angeles area.